The Price of Love / by Rob Smith

Last night I went to see The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, a play by Haley McGee, currently showing at the The Camden People's Theatre. I think it's an absolute triumph, and I recommend it to everyone in London. I think it's so good it may come to a venue near you, wherever you are, eventually, and when it does, you should see it. 

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale | Trailer from Haley McGee on Vimeo.

The play is semi-autobiographical, and begins with Haley as a struggling artist, massively in debt, and realising that the only things of value she has to sell to get herself back in the black are gifts from exes. But how valuable are these objects? 

Thus begins an exploration of the nature of value, which spans many theories of economic value and matters of the heart. 

Disclaimer: I'm one of the people Haley mentions in the play, because she interviewed me. I told her about a few theories of value, and a bit about conviction narrative theory, which I think fits nicely with how Haley's stories increase the value of her ex-boyfriend's gifts.

But the play is something far beyond theories. It's hilarious, moving, and thought provoking. Haley holds the audience in the palm of her hand, and takes them on a journey through her head and heart, and I think inspires them to think of their own thoughts and feelings about what's of value in life and love.

I hope lots of you are able to see this wonderful play and enjoy it as much as I did.