The Florence Manifesto (A New Paper) / by Rob Smith

I'm very pleased to announce the release of a new paper in the journal Critical Review, entitled "Uncertainty, Decision Science, and Policy Making: A Manifesto for a Research Agenda" of which I'm one of many authors (with my name slightly mis-spelled, how'd I miss that!).I'm pretty proud of this one. It's the outcome of a very interesting conference I attended about a year ago in Florence, sponsored by an EU FP7 grant on Global System Dynamics and Policy. The paper talks about how the rigid models of how people make decisions are at the core of problems in economics, policy-making, and other difficulties where social science is treated with idealized mathematical models that just don't reflect the realities of how people behave. Problems like the financial crisis of 2008.This one is really worth a read, even for non-technical people with an interest in the way the world is governed, I think. Hope some people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed participating in its creation.