New Papers on Psychologically-Directed Big Data Analysis in Economics / by Rob Smith

I wanted to announce that my work with The Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty is beginning to yield even more interesting papers. We've got two papers coming up at the European Central Bank Workshop using Big Data for Forecasting and Statistics. One of these is in collaboration with David Gregory and Sujit Kapadia at the Bank of England, along with my ongoing collaborators David Tuckett, and our student Rickard Nyman, entitled "News and narratives in financial systems: exploiting big data for systemic risk assessment" (the paper is pending release approval, but the presentation is available here). It's the outcome of a Rickard's internship at The Bank. The other is with David, Rickard, and our other team member, Paul Ormerod. It's entitled "Big Data and Economic Forecasting: A Top-Down Approach Using Directed Algorithmic Text Analysis" (click for an offprint).Paul, David, Rickard and I also have a paper entitled "Bringing Social-Psychological Variables into Economic Modeling: Uncertainty, Animal Spirits and the Recovery from the Great Recession" at the International Economic Associations 17th World Conference at the Dead Sea, in Jordon