The Big Issue is AI / by Robert Smith

Big Issue.jpeg

This week’s Big Issue has the fabulous David Lynch on the cover, but inside you’ll find a full page article from me! The article is about face recognition and deep fake video technology, and its relationship to the dubious history of quantitative human identification in criminal justice, which spans back to the 19th century. But I don’t want to give too much away about the article, because you really should buy The Big Issue.

And not just because I have an article in it. The Big Issue is a publication that is trying to improve the lot of the homeless, by giving them the chance to sell the magazine, as well as supporting a charitable foundation that aims to end the poverty giving rise to homelessness.

So buy this issue, and read my article, but don’t stop there. Buy it every week. It’s not only a bargain (it’s a surprisingly good magazine) it’s an opportunity to change someone’s life, and possibly change the world.