How can AI be used to drive diversity?: Canvas8 Interview / by Robert Smith

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Market research organisation Canvas8 has published a new piece called HOW CAN AI BE USED TO DRIVE DIVERSITY? that draws on a recent breakfast talk I gave to some of their members here in London. The piece features a few quotes from me and a slew of data about the current perceptions of AI. Some are frightening, like “67% of Britons say AIs should be able to report people if they engage in illegal activities.”

But I believe the article ends with some good recommendations based on what Canvas8 got out of my ideas. In particular, they note how recommendation engines generate pretty unsatisfactory results for consumers (and generate only 16 per cent of sales), and how diversity as a goal could improve those sales. This may seem like a small thing, but applications with diversity as their goal and an economic imperative could get the work done of developing tech that can better diversify algorithmic impacts on people more generally. And I’m all for that!