Article in Work Magazine (and a comment on Blue Steel) / by Robert Smith


There’s an interesting article about the book, entitled “The dark heart of the algorithm” in this summer’s issue of Work magazine. Work is a strategic journal of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which is the UK’s professional organisation for those working in HR and related fields.
In addition to the content alluded to in this article, I’m sure any CIPD readers of Rage will find the chapter entitled Value Instead of Values interesting. In that part of the book, I discuss the now-commonplace prediction that two-thirds of human jobs are at risk of computerisation. It turns out an algorithm generated this result, and it exemplifies precisely the simplifying characteristics of algorithms on which the book focuses.
For instance: guess what that algorithm said was the 33rd most computerisable job out of the 702 occupations it ranked?
Here’s a hint: Blue Steel.