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CHRIS KUTARNA is a sought-after speaker and prolific author. He co-authored the best-selling of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance

About Rage, he wrote:

“AI isn’t just a technical topic; it is a cultural crossroads. Correction: it should be. If enough people read this book, it will be. In Rage Inside the Machine, Robert Elliott Smith accomplishes what few people could attempt: to humanise the discourse on artificial intelligence. He tears the topic of AI from the grasp of the techno-elite and puts it into all our hands. Robert the computer science professor lays bare exactly what the algorithms are doing, while Robert the boy who grew up in newly desegregated Alabama lays bare the biases—scientific and social—that risk being hard-coded into our culture all over again (mostly, without even the programmers realizing it). The mass adoption of AI is happening, right now. The next decade of design choices will shape the next century of social consequences. We—society—need to weigh in on these choices now. This book is our chance.”