DAVID GOLDBERG is the author of Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization and Machine Learning (one of the most cited books in computer science) and The Design of Innovation. He is also the founder of The Big Beacon, a movement to transform engineering education.
About the book, he wrote:

"In Rage Inside the Machine Rob Smith has written a  fascinating hybrid text--a compelling memoir, a moving mosaic of history and technology, and, most important, the timeliest of warnings for our increasingly dangerous era of ubiquitous AI and algorithms.  As millennial & generation-Z engineers blithely put us in AI-driven vehicles, as companies take AI and algorithmic start-up funds by the millions, and competing governments devise AI weapons programs by the billions,  Smith reminds us that ‘AI is the hole, not the doughnut,’ and despite our best efforts AI is not intelligent in any meaningful biological sense. The dumbest squirrel is still more intentional and broadly clever than the smartest extant algorithm, and until researchers seriously consider how humans and machines differ in the sense that Smith intends, we all must be vigilant against the hype and ethical missteps by businesspeople and technologists that aren't sufficiently reflective to apply the dangerous technologies carelessly placed in their hands.  Read this book and take its carefully crafted message to heart.”