DR ANASTASIA DEDYUKHINA is the founder of Consciously Digital, an organisation dedicated to helping people balance their online and offline lives. She is also the author of Homo Distractus: Fight for your choices and identity in the digital age

About Rage book, she wrote:

"In the age when algorithms take more and more decisions in our lives, it's vital for everyone, not just techies, to understand how data can change our lives. What if you had to pay more for insurance or a mortgage based on data you provided? What if all you posted on social media were used against you? What if you could not appeal against an unfair court decision, because the algorithm thought you were guilty? Sounds like a dystopia, except that it's not; it's what is already happening every day. We cannot afford anymore to say that 'this is a matter for specialists,' or that 'we have nothing to hide.’ We need to start taking responsibility for who and what we share with. Robert's book will help you with this. He has a unique ability to express complicated things in a straightforward matter. So enjoy it and educate yourself, if you want to stay human.”